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Galvanizing is a process during which a layer of zinc is being applied to the basic material. Galvanizing is the most efficient protection of corrosive steels. As the surface treatment, galvanizing will assert itself in all the production sectors where attractive appearance and corrosion resistant treatment are a must.

Attractive appearance and unique corrosion protection

  • Zinc dipping

It will give your products and components an attractive appearance supported by a unique corrosion protection.

Hot dip galvanizing represents a modern trend in the area of surface treatment to the steel structures. Its advantages include namely a long service life obtained by the creation of an even and first quality coat, good resistance to the mechanical influences, optional application of further paints as well as friendliness to the environment. After the material has been dipped into the bath of melted zinc a layer of iron and zinc that has high wear resistance is created on the material's surface. Hot dip galvanizing is used namely for the steel structures and the equipment outdoors.

  • Hot dip centrifugal galvanizing

Hot dip centrifugal galvanizing is used namely when providing surface treatment to small parts as, for example, screws, nuts, washers, etc. This special technological process is based on the material spinning after it has been taken out from the zinc bath – by doing so a uniform coat is obtained that is required unconditionally in, e.g. connection accessories.

  • Electro-Galvanizing

Electro-galvanizing is an electrolytic process during which a zinc coat is deposited electrochemically by melting a zinc (anode) to the electrically conductive materials, in most cases the steel parts (cathode), in a cold liquid zinc bath. This process results in creation of not only corrosion resistant but also a face coat. The materials suitable for electroplating are steel sheet components or castings or forgings. In order to obtain the first quality galvanizing of the products these products must be released into production free from coarse burrs, paint or deep corrosion. The quality of input materials has crucial influence on the visual properties of the electroplated component. Electro-galvanizing is intended predominantly for interior elements and they can be painted using a white, yellow or black pigment.

Surface Treatment Properties:

  • good corrosion resistance after consequent galvanizing
  • attractive appearance with the following pigments: white, yellow, black

In cooperation with its long-term partners, ORT Nový Bydžov provides all the services in the area of galvanizing (hot dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing). All the services concentrated in one point are the advantage for you.

If you need galvanizing please feel free to contact us!

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