Upravit stránku
We can specialize in the production and development of machines – mostly the single-purpose machines – owing to the fact that we have our own designers. We analyze your specifications in detail to perform inspection of your premises, location of the actual machine and the area such machine will operate in, including the follow-up technologies. These findings and information are used by our designers to create the necessary concept of the purpose of the machine or mechanical equipment and make it easier to transfer your needs into the technical drawing.

Your ideas inspire us

The precise technical drawing are then used by our professionals for the mechanical production and metalworking. The professionals will manufacture individual machine components to install and assembly such machine. With this machine tested and the necessary tests performed, what follows is a transport to your company, assembly, connection, and commissioning of this machine.
However, our services do not end here. We will take care of the mechanical parts we had manufactured and we will carry out their service on regular basis. One of the optional solutions for such service is the Servicing Contract in which our company undertakes to carry out regular maintenance not only for the mechanical parts and machinery it had produced and delivered.

Feel free to contact us for the manufacture of single-purpose machines or mechanical equipment!

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