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We implement polishing and grinding of metals either as a final surface treatment in case of stainless materials or we perform grinding and polishing as a surface preparation before the final surface treatment, for example, before the hard chrome plating, decorative chrome plating or other decorative surfaces. It is mainly before the hard chrome plating that so called grinding and polishing to form a mirror body is performed.

State-of-the-art surface and pre-surface treatments of materials

Grinding and polishing is used for the parts where high demands are imposed on their surface treatment and on the minimum friction resistance as well as the high resistance to wear and rubbing. This pertains namely to the mechanical parts which the plates to be machined are shifted over.

We also ensure polishing and grinding of the plain and high-grade steels, bronze and their alloys. We are capable of grinding to the roughness requested by a customer and polish to obtain the mirror like gloss.

We have a special machine (Schuner) to grind and polish the components that allows us to reach a high quality of grinding and productivity of labour.

 Should you have any questions about the surface treatments by grinding and polishing please feel free to contact us!

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