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We are aware of the long-term trend manifested by the decline of experienced workers in the engineering production so we come up with the services in the very area of maintaining and servicing the machines and mechanical equipment. We take this line to head for our customers and we will help you to handle the lack of experienced technical and service personnel. A matter of course is also the support of all the state-of-the-art production technologies that are in use of ORT Nový Bydžov spol. s r.o.

Complex service from bearing replacement up to the maintenance of the entire production line

Owing to our service personnel we will assure professional services for you in the area of service and maintenance of your machines and mechanical equipment.

We will arrive in order to maintain and take care of your machines or production lines to ensure they are capable of operating and delivering as high performances as possible. Deliveries of the necessary components from the entire world for the machine maintenance are a matter of course.

We also provide a long-term outsourcing of the service personnel. The advantages of the long-term outsourcing of service personnel follow:

  • You need not make any investments into the workshop equipment.
  • You need not provide your own maintenance personnel.
  • Personal costs for wages and social levies are abolished.
  • You do not deal with their training and further professional development.

All of this is our concern only!

Our experienced and professional service personnel will take care of any of your machine and its components.

Should your machines require periodic service and maintenance please feel free to contact us!

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