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Our offer in the area of steel structures includes deliveries of the turn-key structures as well as sub-deliveries where the steel elements are only supplements to the construction of different type. We produce mainly the steel structures and structural components, that is, the building and multi-purpose as well as the mechanical steel structures. We will produce any steel structure of your choice and specification.

We will make everything from the steel

  • Steel building constructions

Steel building constructions are mainly the steel structures of landings, special frames for technologies, service walkways, and further constructions within the weldment weight of about 5 tons.

  • Multi-purpose steel constructions

Production of multi-purpose constructions for the food industry, automotive industry and other industries, manufacture of supporting structures, atypical racks, landings, stowage points, protective barriers,
special storage pallets, benches, trucks, etc. as required by customers.

  • Steel mechanical constructions

Contract production of the welded constructions of machines, handling equipment, conveyor systems, protective guards, machinery and landings.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any production from steel!

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