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Mechanical equipment, technologies and production lines cannot do without underground services. Aside from the electrical power, these underground services also include plastic or metallic pipe systems that provide a machine or production line with the media necessary for production, actual operation, raw material feeding, or cooling.

We will convey any media up to your technologies

Whether it is general overhaul, removal of technologies, or regular maintenance, we usually identify the need to route new or replace existing pipe systems when working for you.

The pressure pipe systems are used for the supplies of:

  • Liquid media: water or oil for cooling, rubber as a raw material for production, etc.
  • Gaseous media: air to drive the pneumatic elements or vacuum, etc.
  • Bulk media: granular materials and plastic granulates as the raw materials for production

We were motivated to include these services in our portfolio namely by our long-term experience acquired during service, maintenance and removal of machines and production lines. In these cases we encountered the need to route the new or replace the existing pipe systems.

We further connect the production lines to the low-pressure air pipes, evacuation of exhaust gases into the combustion centres via the Spiro piping, etc.

ORT Nový Bydžov is experienced in designing and implementing pipe systems in various fields and production types starting from the food production through the production lines for processing of steels, plates, plastic materials, foils, up to the machining tools and forming machines.

If you deal with the routing of pipe systems up to your mechanical equipment or production lines please feel free to contact us!

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