Upravit stránku
We press the parts from plates. We process galvanized metal sheets, aluminium metal sheets, steel metal sheets, and stainless metal sheets. For the process of pressing we have eccentric presses that we use not only for plate pressing but for metal pressing and punching. In pressing we are capable of processing all the available plate formats and thicknesses that we keep on stock in the basic quantities.

Precise Pressing of Plates and Metals

To press the parts of metal sheet, we use the pressing machines that guarantee precise and fast production. In most cases it is customized production as requested by specific customer. We are in possession of older, quality pressing machines that we maintain in perfect condition. This is the only way how to guarantee precise pressing and adherence to specified dimensions.

Our complex services also include consequent finishing works on the pressings as, for example, welding, bending, machining, surface treatments or further necessary works and operations.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need pressing!

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